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Ohio State vs Iowa General Information, Odds, Predictions, and ways to bet for Week 8.

Ohio State General Information:

  • #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes are ranked (6-0, 3-0 in BIg10 play)

  • #1 in the nation with points scored (48.8)

  • #2 in total yards (543.7)

  • #5 in defensive yards (253.5)

  • #7 in passing yards allowed (160.3)

  • #9 in rushing yards allowed ( 93.2)

  • #10 in points scored (15.7)

Iowa General Information:

  • Iowa Hawkeyes (unranked) are (3-3,1-2 in Big10 play)

  • #127 in the nation in points scored (14.7)

  • #131 in total yards (239.2)

  • #7 in defensive yards (264.7)

  • #3 in passing yards (154.0)

  • #3 in points scored (9.8)


All Odds are attained from Fanduel Sports Book as of 10/22

Money line: Ohio State (-10000) Iowa (+2400)

In case you're new to better the "-" is the favorite. If you bet 10,000 dollars on Ohio State you win back 100 dollars. The "+" sign is the underdog. If you bet 100 dollars on Iowa you would win 2400 dollars.

Spread: Ohio State: -29.5 (-112) Iowa: +29.5 (-105)

The spread is extremely simple if you're betting on Ohio State -29.5 you're betting that Ohio State will win by more than 29.5 points. If you bet Iowa +29.5 points you're betting that Iowa will not lose by more than 29.5 points.

Over/Under: 49.5- Over 49.5 (-110) Under(-114)

If you think the total points for the game (both teams) will go over 49.5 points bet the over. If you think both teams won't score a combined 49.5 points then take the under.

Offense/Defense Comparison:

Iowa Defense:

On paper, this looks like one hell of a defensive matchup. You're getting the best defenses in the Big10 on the same field to clash at noon in Columbus, Ohio. This Iowa defense has looked amazing all year. The strength of their defense comes from the linebacker core they have Seth Benson, Jay Higgins, and Jack Campbell. With a combined 129 tackles between the three of them, they make a nightmare matchup for any QB and OL. They have decent DBs as well, watching them play against TTUN I noticed they were able to hold the WRs to low yards with no explosive plays. They didn't fear the WRs getting open downfield and busting open a big play. Even as an OSU fan I can say Phil Parker (Iowas defensive coordinator) has done a fantastic job with the defense so kudos to him.

Ohio State Offense:

All the stats are great but... THEY HAVEN'T FACED A TEAM LIKE THESE DAMN BUCKEYES. Let's really be honest, Iowa is not stopping Cj Stroud, Mayan Williamson, Treveyon Henderson, Marvin Harrison Jr, Emeka Egbuka, Julian Fleming, Cade Stover, and Jaxon Smith Njigba (if he plays). This offense is the best in the nation and we score an average of 4.8 points in the fourth quarter! This is one of our best offenses with how many weapons we have. Anybody can score on the field, you can't guard everyone. If Iowa puts the safety over JSN then one of the other three is going to win their match, if they don't watch Cade Stover he can catch the ball over in LB, if they focus too much on the passing game then our OL is going to be dominant and our running backs are going to run all over them. Let's really be honest, the Buckeyes are the best team in the nation, and it's clear as day. We out matchup any team in the nation, we have the best QB in the nation, and we EASILY have the best wide receivers in the country. Our team is way too good for Iowa. They know it, we know it, vegas knows it, and more importantly, our pockets know it. I could write a book breaking down our offense but it's not necessary for this bet.

Iowa Offense:

Respectfully, they suck. They're dead last in FBS in yards per game and fourth to last in points per game. The OL sucks, the QB sucks, the WRs suck, and their offensive scheme sucks. Not much to write about their offense other than they're the worst thing I've ever watched in my life.

Ohio State Defense:

This defense is extremely special. Our DL looks so dominant every play, they know how to shed blocks, get around the edge, and use their strength to bull rush the opposing QB. J.T looks unreal on the edge, he's so much fun to watch hit the gas off the line and not let anyone around the edge. Micahel Hall Jr which has been dominant as hell this year. He's the missing piece to this DL that we needed, he's such a strong DT and he pushes right through the guards and center. The combination of Jack Sawyer and Zach Harrison is a perfect 1-2 punch in my opinion. They both bring different things to the edge. Zach is a more straight-up power rusher and Jack sawyer has more finesse and speed around the edge. Tommy and Steele have truly come out of their shells this season, they look like completely new players in this Jim Knowles defensive scheme. They read and diagnose plays fast, they take the right angles, they hit the holes to sack the opposing QB with a purpose, and their ability to cover the TE downfield has been 100% better than last season. That duo in the linebacker group is extremely scary for any team we play for the run-and-pass game. I'm so so happy to have those guys really playing well this season. Our safeties have played spectacular as well, Ronnie Hickman, Tanner Mccalister, and Josh Proctor have all played great coverage all season. The combination of speed and pass coverage they all possess is just fun to watch. they don't let up a deep play, I never worry about someone getting behind them, and I know they have the ability to keep their eyes on the QB. Our CBs have been rough a little lately, Cam Brown and Denzel Burke have slightly struggled in a few of our games but I believe there's going to be a bounce back and they still playing to expectations. To sum it up, our defense is going to light up the Iowa offense and I do not expect them to get points at all.

Victory Bell Predicitons:

Evan 41-10 Ohio State

Andrew 53-13 Ohio State

Jake 45-6 Ohio State

Brodie 45-10 Ohio State

Jordan 49-10 Ohio State

Here at the Victory Bell we have OSU covering the spread (-29.5) and the total points going over (49.5). In a parlay for Fanduel those odds are going to be +263. A 100 dollar bet would pay 263 dollars. I would take those odds any day of the week if you're a college football bettor. If you wanted to ALT line the to (-27.5) over (47.5) I would give that some thought as well. The pay out is a little less but its a safer bet at +140 but would give it some thought.

OSU (29.5) Over (49.5) +263

The top tier offense and defense OSU is going be way to much for Iowa and expect this to be a total blow out game. Sorry Hawkeyes, we'll see you in Columbus at noon. Lets go win some money.

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